Master class accelerate towards successful results

Innovation thrives on human interaction. Successful projects and initiatives come from groups which interact in ways that energize and organize the collective effort and capabilities.


At Ruysdael we understand and practice this principle for decades. We help groups to perform against all odds. Within an integrated framework for sustainable innovation we have defined and field tested seven Human success factors that accelerate the collective potential to succeed. a2Results™ is a package of knowledge, tools and interventions with applications for innovation, change and improvement in business and communities.

Master class accelerate towards successful Results

This master class is a hands-on fast track to understanding and applying a2Results™. The main focus is on finding the relevant success strategies for your business innovation, change or improvement initiative. You will work with the three major stepping stones for the human side of business:

  1. The Framework for sustainable innovation gives the conceptual background for the tangible and intangible dimensions of individual and collective change;
  2. The Ruysdael success factor scan is a structured tool for gathering, analyzing and discussing thirty-five success markers;
  3. Practical examples of intervention-scenarios for sustainable group success and the Ruysdael Stepping Stone Approach® will help you design your own down-to-earth interventions.

This one-day master class is geared to help your group achieve a next level of performance. The easy and practical integration into the day to day teamwork makes this master class unique.

More information

This master class is available for in-company training or as a part of development and improvement programs. Please contact us for details.





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