Ruysdael success accelerator for teams

Lack of flow and poor team learning block success.

Seamless work-related flow and effective team learning are the least appreciated success markers in projects and innovation partnerships. This is one of the conclusions from an in depth perception survey among four hundred participants in various sectors and disciplines. In 50% of the cases team members experience delays, rework and ‘fire-fighting’ behavior in the day to day collaboration. This is not the most efficient use of human energy. In innovative and high performing teams on the contrary this energy is used in a more sustainable way. These teams experience a seamless and almost effortless work-related flow.

Strategies for success

Ruysdael contributes to team success by improving interaction and learning capabilities. We leverage the potential of all kind of teams, such as operational teams, project teams, management teams, Agile teams, multifunctional research teams and organizational partnerships. Somehow or sometimes every team ‘hits the wall’. Situations when the team lacks the time, energy or creativity to meet increasing challenges and expectations. Moments when a combined powerful smart response is needed, but the team is trapped in an ineffective mindset and interaction.

a2Results™ for teamwork

That is where the Ruysdael a2Results™ for teamwork comes in. This intervention increases the chances of successful outcomes for teams and groups that co-create. It is not a team role tool or work flow system. It is a small, simple and quick package to achieve the next level of teamwork performance. Tailored to the specific context of the group this intervention reconnects human resources, such as the optimal mindset, with a clear focus on relevant success factors. a2Results™ for teamwork provides participants with three practical sets of information: the DNA of the human success factors in the given context (current and optimal), an overview of the group mindset (current and optimal) and a practical hands-on intervention guide for the next ten weeks.

An optimal mindset increases the personal flexibility and collective agility. The MindSonar® test measures the individual mindset. The individual mindsets are combined to a group profile. By sharing and discussing this view the group finds new ways for collaboration and communication. It aligns the group energy and improves the interaction. The success factor overview re-aligns the group focus to that what matters most. This helps to shift their behavior from ‘fire fighting’ to ‘fire prevention’. It energizes and gives them options and learning potential. Neglecting optimal mindsets and critical human success factors leads to tiresome meetings, escalations or rework. Using the Ruysdael a2Results™ for teamwork turns this around into easy meetings, flow and a first-time-right feeling.

In short a2Results™ is one of the best answers to the core question in teamwork: How do we collectively create a sustainable outcome that matters?

How does it work?

a2Results™ for teamwork is a five step approach:

  1. Intake with team leader (identify purpose, context and approach)
  2. During a meeting all team members fill in the Ruysdael success factor scan (15 minutes)
  3. All team members complete the online MindSonar® test (45 minutes)
  4. All participants receive an integrated report and intervention guide
  5. Joint learning event with full team (60 minutes)

What is in it for me?

a2Results™ for teamwork identifies a clear improvement path for the group. Each member understands which mindset creates a higher chance of success. The joint learning event increases the joint reference frame for next steps.  All you need to do is to be open and to invest a maximum of two hours per person.

Why use the team accelerator?

mindsonar seal-transparanta2Results™ is easy to apply and provides the group with a spot on action plan for the investment of just two hours and € 200, — per person. It combines the best of two worlds: MindSonar® is an easy to use tool that helps to gain insight into critical elements of peoples thinking styles. The Ruysdael a2Results™ is a practical instrument that builds on decades of experience. The a2Results™ for teamwork increases the chance of success. Applicable in any situation where groups of people want to achieve a sustainable outcome.


Prices are excluding VAT. The success accelerator for teams© is available in Dutch and English.